Wine tasting – Aszófő

A wine tasting room for 20 and 40 people awaits the wine lovers. The wine show is held by a member of our family. They can learn about our creed, our winery and the history of the birth of each wine. We also show the specificity of the site. After the light, fruity reductive batches, the more powerful are the ones that help us to recognize our image and the technology we use.

Wine tasting – Szentbékkálla

Our wine tasting hall was completed in 2015, we can accommodate up to 60 people at the same time.  Aszófő program is complemented by viewing some parts of the cellar, so wine-making technology can further deepen the interest.

Accepted packages:

Minimum number of people: 10 persons

Visiting of the wine cellar in Szentbékkálla: 1000 Ft/ person 

Basic wine tasting:

20 persons: 4000 HUF / person, over 20 persons: 3800 HUF / person

Tasting six types of wine with fresh crunchy cake and trappist cheese, mineral water

Premium tasting:

20 persons: 5300 HUF / person, over 20 persons: 5100 HUF / person

Tasting of 7 types of wine with fresh crunchy cakes, selection of cheese from local producers, dried plum, dark chocolate, mineral water

Wine tasting with rich peasant plate

For under 20 people, 7500 HUF / person, over 20 persons 7200 HUF / person

Tasting of 7 types of wine, selection of delicacies made by local producers, selection of vegetables, bread, mineral water


Outside venue wine tasting

We also can do  wine tasting at wine dinners and other events. For special offers please contact the winery!