Dorina Fodor

From my childhood I participated in the life of our business. I remember the spring breaks when we tied up in the vineyards, and to the wine festivals where we were very young and we helped . At that time I was certain that I did not want to deal with wine and grapes. Meanwhile, the years went by and I was serious. In the last year of the grammar school, before graduation, I felt that I could learn any profession, but eventually I would return to the winery. Building on this thinking, I saved my spell in the first place for a winegrower course. I think I’ve become really obsessed with the profession during my college years. I went to a special college, tried to attend as many wine tasting events as possible, to broaden my professional knowledge. After completing the university, I got a traineeship in Germany at a good Rhine-style winery. After returning home, I went into the life of the winery, where I started to develop the commercial part of the business. As I felt enough momentum to expand my field of vision, I started at the Corvinus University of Commerce and Marketing. At the moment I spend the half part of the week in Budapest and spend the other half at Lake Balaton.